Master 3D Model
What do you get?

Master 3D Model (M3M)

As a part of the M3M package, you get not only ALL the source files for the content but also a Master 3D Model created with precision and scalability in mind. Now you can use M3M base model in all your briefings to agencies or other creative channels. This model provides your online assets the level of consistency that can easily result in up to 40% lower costs.

7 Reference Images + PSD

We create seven (7) standard angles for you so that you don't have to duplicate the efforts. The images are provided in layers so that retouching or editing them is a breeze.

Playable 360

A playable 360 is one of the strongest impact points for your customers' digital experience – it allows you to exhibit your product as close to the reality as you can online.

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQ document on getting started!

What makes this unique?

Faster time-to-market

All you need is to follow our quick intake process, no extensive briefings needed. We figure out all the details and deliver you final results within 1 week. We know how to deliver on time, as we've been doing this for over 10 years for many major brands.

Lower cost

We give you a large set of files for a single fixed price, typically up to 40% the cost of traditional visual content production. You'll receive 7 high resolution (5000x4000) layered PSD images from standard angles ready for retouching, along with a 360˚ animation, and 3D source files.

Complete control

M3M let's you take full control of your content and not be tied to a single agency. Because we give you all the 3D source files you or anyone you work with can continue to create new content from these files.